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9.3. Supplier

Wheelchair Supplier

The wheelchair supplier is a critical team member, as he or she will work closely with your therapist throughout the entire process to ensure that your equipment is ordered accurately, billed to your insurance, and assembled correctly for delivery. The supplier will also oversee any repair issues for your equipment. There are many suppliers to choose from. Some are a part of larger, national companies, and others are local dealerships. It is highly recommended your supplier is certified as an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP).

You have the right to choose which supplier provides your equipment. It is important that you select a supplier that you can trust and feel comfortable with. You want to develop and sustain a long-term relationship with the supplier.  The supplier will be your first call if you need repairs for your equipment.  Another point to consider when choosing a supplier is if they have a location close to your home.  

The supplier works closely with the clinician to determine what equipment would be most appropriate for you based on the evaluation findings. Together, the clinician and supplier will also look at your accessibility needs to ensure that the recommended equipment is compatible in your specific environment (e.g., home, work, school, vehicle, church, etc.) and will maximize your independence. The supplier may conduct a home evaluation to verify that you will be able to use the prescribed wheelchair in and around your home.

Some suppliers hold one or more of the following certifications:


NRRTS Registrants are dedicated professionals in the field of Complex Rehab Technology service delivery. A NRRTS Registrant possesses the experience and knowledge to work with the clinician and client to determine the most appropriate enabling technology for people with disabilities. These professionals know the range of the products available  that includes wheeled mobility, seating and positioning, ambulation assistance, environmental controls and/or products for daily living.

An extensive application and pre-qualification process must be completed before Registration is attained.

Only NRRTS Registrants may use the credential of RRTS® - Registered Rehabilitation Technology Supplier, or CRTS® - Certified Rehabilitation Technology Supplier®. A CRTS® is a RRTS® in good standing for at least two years who has passed the Assistive Technology Professional, ATP, exam administered by RESNA and continues to maintain the ATP credential with RESNA.

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