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5.6. Request Procedure

a. Veterans must submit their requests for aids for the blind through their VIST Coordinator. The prosthetic activity is responsible for eligibility determinations. If the veteran is eligible, the VIST reviews the request and conducts an assessment regarding the veteran's diagnosis, prognosis, need for equipment, etc., to determine the veteran's potential to successfully learn to use the equipment.

b. VIST, in consultation with a National Program Consultant, will determine the most appropriate place for further evaluation, and/or training and issuance. The request may be handled locally, if the issuance can be effectively completed either directly through VIST, BROS, or with assistance from a qualified community resource. If the request cannot be completed locally (i.e., requires evaluation and/or training not available at the local level), the request is to be forwarded to the appropriate program capable of providing the service. A veteran requesting focused training at a BRC program (i.e., one device only) may be considered for admission to a BRC if training is not an option at the local level or through the appropriate Continuum of Care Program, VICTORS, or VISOR.

c. Oversight is provided by BRS to ensure that appropriate assessment and training competencies are maintained.


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