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7.5. Ear Molds (Acoustic Couplers)

The type and style of ear mold will be determined by the Audiology Clinic issuing the hearing aid.

a. Ear impressions must be taken in order to make a custom ear mold. The impressions will be taken by an audiologist. When non-VA facilities are being used, the audiologist will take the ear impression and return it to the VA Audiology and Speech Pathology Service for fabrication.

b. Custom ear molds are fabricated from the impressions by a commercial source.

c. In emergency situations, temporary ear inserts may be fabricated or stock ear inserts may be used by the Audiology Clinic in the evaluation but must be replaced with a permanent custom ear mold at a later date.

d. In cases where the veteran is not seen in a VA Audiology Clinic, the type and style of ear mold will be left to the discretion of the service provider.


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