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8.2. Definitions

a. Beneficiary Service Contract. A beneficiary service contract is a competitively bid, locally-awarded contract for the purchase, delivery, set-up, recovery, and storage of major items of medical equipment used by veteran beneficiaries for the treatment of their specific disabilities.

b. Medical Equipment. Medical equipment includes all items of a therapeutic or rehabilitative nature, which are determined as medically necessary for home treatment of eligible veterans, e.g., hospital beds, over-bed tables, bathroom equipment, invalid lifts, hand cycles, stair glides, room air conditioners, standing tables, portable ramps, mobility (walking) aids, environmental control units (ECUs), etc.

c. Medical Supplies. Medical supplies are expendable items required on a recurring basis for the home treatment of specific disabilities, e.g., incontinence supplies, sheepskins, catheters, etc.

d. Respiratory Equipment. Respiratory equipment includes mechanical devices to support or aid patients in normal respiration, e.g., concentrators, ventilators, Continuous Positive Air Pressure (C-PAP), Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure (Bi-PAP), nebulizers, humidifiers, masks, cannulas, etc. NOTE: For further information regarding home respiratory equipment, refer to VHA Handbook 1173.13.


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