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8.11. Issuance of Medical Equipment

a. Prosthetic Service coordinates the issuance of medical equipment with the locally established Major Medical Equipment Committee, HISA Committee, Home-based Primary Care Program, or other applicable committee or team, and the professional service providing the care and treatment to the veteran.

b. The guidelines for the issuance of those specific items of medical equipment identified in this Handbook have been based upon the medical requirements of the eligible veteran. Although every attempt has been made to develop realistic criteria, it is impossible to cover all items of medical equipment or all disabilities that require equipment. Physicians and Prosthetic personnel must carefully evaluate each case based on the needs of the veteran, especially in cases of severe disability.

c. Unusual requests or inquiries relating to the issuance of medical equipment may be referred to Prosthetic Program officials in VHA Central Office by submitting a VA Form 10-2641, in the normal manner.


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