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10.4. Repairs to Orthotic Devices

a. Repairs to orthoses may be obtained through local sources on the authority of VA Form 10-2501, (see subpar. 3i(9)).

b. Orthotic devices may be repaired if the cost of the repair is less than one-half the cost of replacement. The Prosthetics Representative, or designee, determines whether it is more practical, from an economic point of view, to repair or replace the appliance.

c. Eligibility Considerations. Eligible beneficiaries must be issued a PSC upon initial issue of an orthosis. The PSC pre-authorizes commercial repairs to the orthosis listed thereon not to exceed the dollar limitation, as previously described in subparagraph 3i(9). Repairs exceeding the cost limitation may be approved by telephone with a follow-up for repair authorization to the Chief, or designee.


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