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10.5. Replacement to Orthotic Devices

a. Orthotic devices issued to eligible beneficiaries are replaced only after the Prosthetics Representative determines that the appliance is no longer suitable, or that it is unserviceable for continued use due to fair wear and tear, or there are changes in the veteran's medical condition. Appliances in serviceable condition continue to be in use, regardless of age, if suitable for the beneficiary's medical care. The possibility of further useful life through repair must always be determined before a new appliance is authorized.

b. If a beneficiary claims that an orthotic appliance is lost or destroyed, or it is determined by examination that the appliance has been damaged through other than fair wear and tear, the Prosthetics Representative, or designee, may make a full inquiry into the facts of the case, and make a decision to replace the device based on the facts of the inquiry.


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