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12.11. Procedures for Furnishing Prescription Optics

a. Local procedures must be developed at each medical facility to ensure that a beneficiary's eligibility for ophthalmic prescriptions (eyeglasses and contact lenses) is established prior to issuance of prescription optics.

b. When beneficiaries undergo an eye examination in conjunction with an examination for medical reasons other than the sole purpose of obtaining prescription optics, and are not eligible for VA-furnished optics, the beneficiary may, upon request, secure a copy of the prescription from the examiner. When providing this prescription, copy four of VA Form 10-2914, Prescription and Authorization for Eyeglasses, VA Form 10-2577f, Security Prescription Form, or any other form developed for this purpose, will be used and annotated "not to be filled at VA expense." An appropriate disclaimer needs to be stamped on the VA Form 10-2914 to avoid difficulties should the beneficiary find the prescription inadequate after spending personal funds to purchase optics based on a refraction provided by VA.


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