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13.3. Definitions

a. Concentrator. A concentrator is an electrical device used to deliver oxygen therapy in the home.

b. Liquid Stationary System. A liquid stationary system is a device used to store and dispense liquid oxygen therapy.

c. Liquid Oxygen. Liquid oxygen is medical oxygen dispensed by the pound.

d. Oxygen Tanks. An oxygen tank is where medical oxygen is stored; it is dispensed in a gaseous state in cylinders made of steel, light steel, and aluminum; it is known as compressed gas.

e. Intermediate Positive Pressure Breathing (IPPB) Machine. An IPPB machine is a device used to deliver air under pressure into a patient's lungs.

f. Ventilators or Bi-Pap. A ventilator or Bi-pap is a device used for the continuous mechanical ventilation of a patient.

g. Continuous Positive Air Pressure (C-PAP). C-PAP is a device used to provide continuous positive air pressure for breathing.

h. Suction machine. A suction machine is a device used to evacuate a patient's lungs.

i. Nebulizers. A nebulizer is a device used to dispense medication with the use of an electrically operated compressor.


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