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15.2. Definitions

For purposes of this Handbook, the following definitions apply (see
paragraph 8):

   a. Prosthetic/Orthopedic Appliance. Prosthetic/orthopedic appliances are aids,
parts or accessories required to replace, support, or substitute for impaired or missing
anatomical parts of the body.

   b. Outergarment. An outergarment is a type of garment worn over other garment
(e.g., shirt, blouse, pants, skirt, coat, jacket, blazer).

   c. Skin Medication. Skin medication is a cream, salve, ointment, lotion, or
semisolid medicine that is used to treat, prevent, heal, protect and alleviate symptoms
from a skin condition.

   d. Undergarment. An undergarment is a garment worn under outergarments next
to the skin (e.g., stockings, panties, boxers, briefs, trunks, bra, bathing suit).


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