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16.9. Responsibilities of the Chief, PM&R or Appropriate care Line Manager

The Driver Rehabilitation Program is under the professional direction of the Chief, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service (PM&RS), or appropriate care line manager. Technical direction and supervision are the responsibility of the Chief, PM&RS, or designee, the appropriate section supervisor under which the Driver Rehabilitation Program is assigned, and/or the qualified rehabilitation specialist. The Chief PM&R or Designee is responsible for:

a. Promoting, advocating and supporting the Drivers training program to top management in the areas of FTE, space, equipment, repairs, education needs, travel needs and other resources necessary to maintain the program.

b. Designating a qualified individual as the primary driver rehabilitation specialist (instructor).

c. Designating a qualified individual as the alternate driver rehabilitation specialist. The alternate specialist may be responsible for assuming driver rehabilitation responsibilities in the absence of the primary specialist, or may provide only part-time duty to this program. Alternate driver rehabilitation specialists must have completed the VA Driver Rehabilitation Instructor's Training Course prior to assuming the driver rehabilitation specialist duties and responsibilities.

NOTE: It is important that this program be active on a continuing basis so that patients are treated without interruption.


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