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16.12. Staffing Qualifications

Designated primary and alternate driver rehabilitation specialists must be Kinesiotherapists, Occupational Therapists or Physical Therapists, who are licensed, registered, or certified by their respective professional organizations. Candidates must have a minimum of a Baccalaureate Degree in kinesiotherapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or a specifically related rehabilitation therapy area. Appropriate referrals need to be initiated by the driver rehabilitation specialist to other services for more detailed evaluations, as indicated (i.e., cognitive assessment, neuro-sensory evaluation, visual examination, etc.). All therapists designated as instructors must receive the special 2-week course, "Driver Rehabilitation Instructor Training Course," sponsored by VHA Central Office and the Employee Education Service. NOTE: Additional university credentials, State certification and/or successful completion of the National Driver Rehabilitation Specialist Examination sponsored by Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED), formerly known as the Association for Driver Educators for the Disabled, is encouraged.

(1) The individual driver rehabilitation specialist must possess:

(a) Special abilities and technical skills, related to the provision of driver rehabilitation services;

(b) A medical rehabilitation background;

(c) Knowledge of residuals of traumatic and non-traumatic disabilities; and

(d) Special experience in order to evaluate and determine physical limitations of the Veteran with disabilities and the following modalities; i.e., hand controls, lifts, specialty adaptive driving systems, etc.

(2) The individual driver rehabilitation specialist must maintain a current knowledge of:

(a) Technological advances in adaptive equipment and high-tech driving systems;

(b) Changes in automotive design; and

(c) Other factors which may influence an individual's capacity to safely operate a motor vehicle.


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