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2.6. Are You Uninsured?

Resources for the Uninsured SCI/D Person

The lack of health insurance has become a serious concern within the U.S. An analysis of the 2000 census reports revealed that 81% or 13 million Americans have incomes too high to qualify for State Medicaid. Studies reveal that the uninsured person accesses health care less frequently, has more untreated medical problems, are less likely to receive preventive care and more likely to be hospitalized for preventable medical conditions. 1

Avoid secondary complications – Seek medical care

Access to appropriate health care is very important for the person with SCI. The aboveidentified problems can be direct contributors to intensifying the risk for secondary complications that are consistent with SCI. It will be particularly important that you become an advocate for yourself in a persistent effort to obtain the medical care that is vital to preserving the integrity of your paralyzed body and achieving a good quality of health.

There are charitable and patient assistance programs for which you may be eligible. Several of the prescription assistance programs include pharmaceutical companies that produce some of the medications commonly used for SCI persons. Each pharmaceutical company has its own application form that must be obtained, filled out and submitted by your physician. To be considered for all assistance programs, you should be prepared to:

The following resources may provide assistance:

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