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1.4. Step 1: Self-Assessment

Step 1: Self-Assessment

First things first

Wheelchair users are diverse and so are their needs. A young man, a child, and a woman are pictured smiling and using their manual and power wheelchairs.

You must ask yourself – what do I want to do with my wheelchair?

Answering this question can seem obvious or it may seem complex. But, by doing so it will help you and your wheelchair team match your life activities and physical abilities with specific features of a wheelchair. And, it may make the wheelchair process easier. For example, if you use a manual wheelchair and you have shoulder issues, a possible match for your needs may be a lightweight wheelchair.

The Wheelchair Checklist  was created to make this process a little easier by helping you identify what you want to do with your wheelchair. You can complete the Wheelchair Checklist online here or download and print this checklist below. It may be helpful to refer to your Wheelchair Checklist during your wheelchair evaluation.



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