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2.2. Step 2: Gather your Wheelchair Team

Step 2: Gather Your Wheelchair Team

A wheelchair team comprised of a doctor, clinician, and supplier, all sit together speaking with a client.

Why do I need a wheelchair team?

Not all wheelchairs are the same, so you need to match your wheelchair to your needs. Getting the right wheelchair requires a good team, because the more minds and eyes helping, the fewer details will be missed.

Note: Once your wheelchair is delivered to you, it is VERY difficult to return it. Make sure it is what you need.

Wheelchair accessories and products are designed to improve movement and independence. Your team will get to know you and help to match the wheelchairs' features with your wants and needs.

Who is in my wheelchair team?

Your team may include the following people:

What will my wheelchair team members do?

Doctor or Physician

Clinician or Therapist

Medical Equipment Supplier

Consumer Organizations

You will learn more about each other these team members in the following pages of Chapter 2.


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