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2.6. More About Your Team Members: Consumer Organizations

More About Your Team Members: Consumer Organizations

A wheelchair user speaks with a UsersFirst representative at a conference information booth.

Consumer Organizations Overview


Consumer Organizations are groups that work with and represent groups of people with a common interest to ensure they are treated fairly or equally. These groups may represent people with a specific type of diagnosis, such as individuals living with Multiple Sclerosis are represented by the National MS Society. Or the organizations may represent people with shared circumstances, such as UsersFirst represents people who use wheelchairs.


Consumer Organizations may be helpful to add to your wheelchair team at any point in your wheelchair process. You may want support from like-minded individuals as soon as you begin your process, or you may want to connect with an organization later in the process, for example, when you begin to seek funding sources.


Consumer organizations can be excellent resources for information pertaining to equipment, mobility and funding. Each organization offers different resources, so feel free to reach out to as many as you feel necessary.


Consumer Organizations


National Spinal Cord Injury Association

USA Tech Guide

United Spinal Association

Able to Travel

ALS Association

Brain Injury Association of America


National MS Society

Paralyzed Veterans of America

Spina Bifida Association

United Cerebral Palsey

National Multiple Sclerosis Society 


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