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1.7. Relevant articles

Committed Couples
An article by Josie Byzek, from New Mobility magazine (February, 2001) that tells how love and mutual respect are a part of the long-lasting relationships of six different couples.
Committed Couples: part two
An article from New Mobility magazine (March, 2001) by Josie Byzek that presents five couples and what they have to say about keeping a good thing going.
Couples Now & Then
Article from New Mobility magazine (February 2009) that highlights some of the issues people with SCI have to contend with in relationships.
I Do! I Do!
An article about three couples who prove that a disability does not mean you can't have the wedding of your dreams. From PN/Paraplegia News magazine.
First Dates - True love has to start somehwere, doesn't it?
An article from New Mobility magazine February, 2000. This article presents four individuals experiences with dating, relationships and where they lead.
Sex and the Single Guy
Article by Stanley DuCharme from PN August 2010
Even with all the advantages of Internet dating, meeting a potential partner and establishing an intimate relationship requires a certain degree of confidence and courage.
Two Living As One: Give and Take
An article from New Mobility magazine (February, 2002) by Annalysa Lovos.
A story of the changes and challenges in a relationship and marriage.

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