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6.2. Step 8: Equipment Delivery

Step 8: Equipment Delivery

Two people are introduced to their new wheelchairs. A young man in shown how to work the touch screen attached to his wheelchair. A woman is shown how to bring her wheelchair into a standing position.

Equipment Delivery Overview 

Your clinic will contact you for an appointment to deliver your equipment. However, you have every right to call the supplier to ask them what the status is on your wheelchair approval and delivery before they contact you. 

Basic process:

  1. Once the wheelchair is received by the supplier they will let the clinic know
  2. The clinic should call you to schedule an appointment for delivery
  3. Attend your equipment delivery

What to Expect at your Equipment Delivery 

At your equipment delivery you will not simply receive your wheelchair, but you also attend a scheduled appointment with your prescribing clinician where he or she will ensure that your wheelchair is a good fit and will work for you. And this is also an opportunity to learn more about living as a wheelchair user and to ask your clinician and supplier questions about your new chair.

Equipment delivery should include:


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