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6.3. Clinic Appointment with Prescribing Clinician

Clinic Appointment with Prescribing Clinician

A woman meets with her clinician and supplier to assess the fit of her new wheelchair.

Clinic Appointment with Prescribing Clinician Overview

The length of time needed to perform the Fit Assessment of a new wheelchair will vary based on the complexity of the wheelchair. It could an hour to several hours, depending on the complexity of your wheelchair and seaing equipment. Ideally, everyone who participated in the original assessment should be present for delivery of complicated equipment.

Fit Assessment

During the appointment the clinician and supplier should assess the following areas together:

Operational Information

Both the clinician and the supplier will assist you in how to use your equipment within your individual environments and circumstances to get the maximum benefit from your mobility device. Your supplier should instruct you on the proper care and maintenance required for your equipment based on the manufacturer's recommendations. 

Additional Education and Information

During your appointment you should receive education about pressure management when using your wheelchair, maintenance, safety information and more. Your clinician and supplier should also let you know what to do if you have a problem with your wheelchair. The general responses to issues faced with your wheelchair are listed below, however, be sure to ask questions specific to your wheelchair and needs at this time as well.

What to do if I develop a problem with my wheelchair?

When problems occur with a wheelchair, the first call should be to the supplier. 

Equipment Issues

If the problem is mechanical, it should be able to be addressed by the supplier. Many payer sources require a prescription from a physician prior to providing the repairs or adjustments. 

Clinical Issues

If new equipment needs to be ordered, because the equipment is not working, a clinician or therapist should be consulted to work with you and the supplier to decide the most appropriate equipment to be ordered.


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