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1.3. Wheelchair and equipment providers

Crosslink International
CrossLink International supplies medical materials to relieve suffering in the world's most troubled areas. CrossLink provides medicines, medical supplies and equipment, and eyeglasses directly to free clinics, mission hospitals, and medical mission teams that treat the sick and injured regardless of race, creed or religion. As of January 2015, projects are underway in Tanzania, Niger, Peru, India, Dominican Republic and Guatemala.
Free Wheelchair Mission
Dispense inexpensive wheelchairs at no cost to the physically disabled poor in developing countries on a non-discriminatory basis. FWM has sent more than 822,000 wheelchairs to people in 91 countries
Motivation is an international development charity supporting people with mobility disabilities. Our high-quality, low-cost wheelchairs are designed specifically for use in developing countries. Since 1991, we've worked in and distributed low-cost, appropriate wheelchairs and products to 107 countries around the world.
Push International is a non-profit humanitarian organization whose mission is to provide mobility and facilitate sustainable development in the disabled community inside the countries where we work. Collection points are scattered across several US states and service includes Mexico.
Reach Out and Care Wheels
Providing wheelchairs and other mobility products for people in developing countries without regard to political affiliation, religious beliefs or ethnic identity, ROC Wheels has put special emphasis on developing wheelchairs for children up to age 15.
Walkabout Foundation
Walkabout Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on funding research to find a cure for paralysis and donating wheelchairs to people in need around the world.
Wheelchair Foundation
A program of JAF ministries created to meet some of the practical needs of the over 500 million disabled persons around the world. They provide a means for used but serviceable wheelchairs to be passed to those in need.
Wheels For Humanity
The Wheelchair Foundation is a nonprofit organization leading an international effort to deliver a wheelchair to every man, woman and child in the world who needs one. 

Whirlwind Wheelchair International
Whirlwind Wheelchair International works to make it possible for every person in the developing world who needs a wheelchair to obtain one that will lead to maximum personal independence and integration into society


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