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3.4. Bonnie McGuire-World traveler and wife, living with paraplegia

 "May You Have an Interesting Wife!" is a memoir of both Bonnie and Michael McGuire. Bonnie was already a great world traveler until she fell down a Mayan pyramid in Mexico, sustaining T-5 complete paraplegia. She never expected to travel the world again after her injury until she met and married Michael. Their's is a love story, a travelogue, a history lesson and is also filled with great perspectives on life and successful relationships. 

"May You Have an Interesting Wife!" is available for purchase and formatted for Kindle and Nook: Amazon digital version and the Barnes and Noble digital version

A PDF version of this self-published book is attached to this page. It was made available to members and their friends by the book's author, Michael.


Michael McGuire



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