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1.8. Volunteering and Internships

Finding a job or determining your career path will not happen over night.  The worst thing you can do (and most people actually do it) is to simply apply for jobs and wait for that phone call or e-mail.  Consider volunteering or interning for an organization in the field you hope to find a job.  Not only will this give you the opportunity to "try on" a job, you can make a significant difference by offering your time and energy.  In addition, a future employer will like the fact that you are doing something.  According to CareerBuilder, 63% of hiring managers view volunteer work as relevant experience when evaluating a candidate.

Volunteer and internship opportunities offer you the chance to learn new skills, polish existing skills in a civilian setting, make new professional contacts (who can ultimately become references), and eliminate gaps in employment from your resume.  According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, employers offer jobs to 70% of their interns.

[1] Additional transitional employment programs, including supported employment, can also be accessed through VetSuccess.  All programs will require enrollment and eligibility.

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