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2.6. Guiding Questions for Section 2

The Guiding Questions presented at the end of this section are provided to help you begin to identify the important questions to be asking yourself as you gear up to your future employment and education opportunities.  

  1. Do I know my dream job – or the type of job I'm looking for (on my way to my dream job)?  If not, have I considered taking an interest assessment to help me consider what I might enjoy doing in the civilian workforce? 
  2. Do I know that the type of job I am searching for is available in my local community?
  3. Do I have a network I can turn to for assistance with my job search? 
  4. Can a civilian human resources representative easily understand my resume? 
  5. Have I checked it to be sure my skills are captured using some of the language in the company's job description? Have I considered what I will need as a person with a disability in the workforce?  Do I know what accommodations exist?  Do I know what I might need to be more productive?  Might I need an accommodation in the interview process? 
  6. If so, have I considered how I will discuss (disclose) my need in this regard? If considering federal employment, have I considered special hiring authorities targeting disabled veterans and people with disabilities?
  7. Who am I turning to for support during my job search?  Who else might I want to include in this list?

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