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10.2. Keystone Hope Special Needs Foundation

Do you have a child with special needs? Maybe you have an adult dependent living with a condition that requires special attention and care. If you pass away, leaving $2,000 or more in assets, your dependent will lose their Social Security, and their Medicaid card. It's the law.

Many families with special needs children aren't aware of this law or don't know where to turn for help. What can be done to ensure the security for your child or dependent after you are gone? Where will your child live, who will take care of them? Will he or she be dependent on the government for his or her lifetime? Is there hope for a secure resolution?

There is hope. Keystone Hope Special Needs Foundation can chase away that big cloud of worry that hovers over you and your family. We can locate an approved attorney to assist with the estate planning, and develop specific types of trusts so that you can sleep easier. Keystone Hope will assist you with legal fees, and can likewise help to locate meaningful transitional employment for the child or dependent. The goal at Keystone Hope is to remove the doubt, fear, and worry associated with facing the inevitable truth.

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