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7.4. SCI Comprehensive Preventative Health Evaluation

SCI Comprehensive Preventive Health Evaluations, also known as "annual evaluations" focus on the prevention or early identification of complications related to SCI/D.

  1. The comprehensive preventive health evaluation must be offered to Veterans annually and are to be performed at SCI Centers due to the full array of team members and expertise available in the SCI Center.
  2. The scope of the evaluation is comprehensive and includes elements of preventive health care defined for the general Veteran population, provided there are no contraindications. NOTE: Such elements are described in VHA policies and procedures developed by VHA's National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and are not listed here due to their periodic revision.
  3. The SCI Comprehensive Preventive Health Evaluation also includes elements specific to the prevention of common sequelae and complications that follow SCI/D as described in the related page below.
    1. If the Veteran is unable or refuses to travel to the SCI Center, the SCI Support Clinic or SCI PCT needs to document the attempted referral in the Veteran's medical record, and provide an evaluation as comprehensive as their expertise allows.
    2. Summarized written results of the completed evaluation, and any follow-up recommendations must be provided to the Veteran, designated SCI Center, SCI Support Clinic or SCI PCT provider(s).


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