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4.21. Murderball Documentary

Murderball with Mark Zupan USAToday  Mark Zupan swigs beer. Spews out four-letter words. Sweats up a storm in the gym. Wrestles with his dog. Has crowd-surfed at a Pearl Jam show. And enjoys an active sex life with his live-in girlfriend, Jessica Wampler.

Oh yeah, and he happens to be a quadriplegic who has been in a wheelchair since he was 18. That was when he was thrown from the bed of the pickup of his best friend, Christopher Igoe, and broke his neck.

Spend two minutes with Zupan and you forget he's sitting in a beat-up chair that's both an extension of himself and at the same time completely overshadowed by his piercing intelligence, sharp-edged humor and outspoken, trash-talking personality.

Yet his accident, Zupan says, is "the best thing that's ever happened to me."

He means it.

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