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10.2. Plans of Insurance

Government Life Insurance is issued in a variety of insurance plans.  Select a plan below to view a brief description of that plan.  This information is for policy numbers beginning with K, V, RS, W, J. JR. JS and RH.  Information for: Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance policies (SGLI) and Veterans' Group Life Insurance policies (VGLI).

Five Year Level Premium Term

* Effective September 11, 2000, "capped" NSLI (V) and VSLI term policies receive a termination dividend that protects against the lapse of the policy. See more information about premium capping.

Modified Life at Age 65

Modified Life at Age 70


Special Ordinary Life

This is insurance that is purchased when a Modified Life policy reduces by half on the policyholder's 65th or 70th birthday.  It has the following features:

Ordinary Life

30 Payment Life

20 Payment Life

20 Year Endowment

Endowment at Age 60

Endowment at Age 65

Endowment at Age 96

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