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2.16. Scuba Diving

The  Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA) is an international association of divers with disabilities, scuba instructors & dive buddies. We have specially trained Scuba Instructors & Dive Buddies that are looking for people to train, certify and take diving.

SEE ATTACHED HSA PDF for more history on the HSA


AQUANAUTS ADAPTIVE AQUATICS (Toll Free: (877) AQUA-TAG) is a non-profit organization sponsored and supported by HANDICAPPED SCUBA ASSOCIATION which continues to develop programs, conduct training, provide equipment, and assign staff to ALL organizations requesting the opportunity to facilitate the Adaptive SCUBA Programs for the purposes of community outreach activities; providing all participants with a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence, and independence.

Freedon Divers International
Phone: 815-528-7753
Dedicated to enhancing the physical, as well as the mental well being of wounded soldiers, disabled persons, and their families, We work to develop an outlet for family bonding, by providing the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the weightlessness of our underwater world, and the freedom this allows those with disabilities to interact with others in a way they may have never had otherwise. Our purpose is to provide a constant in training for scuba diving for persons with disabilities.


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