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3.21. Sexual Health and Fertility

Sexual Function:

UAB Spinal Cord Injury InfoSheet, Sexual Function for Men with SCI.  Revised 2007.

UAB Spinal Cord Injury InfoSheet, Sexuality for Women with Spinal Cord Injury. Revised 2007.

Craig Hospital pamphlet, Sexual Function for Men after Spinal Cord Injury.  Revised 2015. 

Craig Hospital pamphlet, Sexual Function for Women after Spinal Cord Injury, revised 2015.

Craig Hospital pamphlet, Erectile Dysfunction:  Options for Men after Spinal Cord Injury.  Publication #775, Revised 2015.

Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center factsheet, Sexual Functioning After Spinal Cord Injury, published 2015. 

My Pleasure.com - Sexuality and disability educational articles, advice columns and products

Fertility after SCI:

Male Fertility After Spinal Cord Injury: A Guide For Patients, Second Edition -The Male Fertility Research Program of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis is known around the world for research and clinical efforts in the field of male infertility in the SCI population.

Pregnancy and Women with Spinal Cord Injury Developed by Amie B. McLain, M.D., Taylor Massengill, B.A., and Phil Klebine, M.A., in collaboration with the SCI Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (2015). 

New Mobility 2012 Sex Wheels and Relationships  Mature love

New Mobility 2013 Sex Wheels and Relationships Same sex relationships

New Mobility 2014 Sex Wheels and Relationships Spirited, Sexy & Sweet

New Mobility 2015 Sex Wheels and Relationships To the Alter and beyond

New Mobility 2016 Sex Wheels and Relationships Male pleasure

New Mobility 2019 article, Sexuality After SCI: Creating a Lasting, Transformative Resource and SexualitySCI.org containing a variety of authoritative and frank educational videos on SCI and Sexuality

SCI Sexual Health

We are a team of sexual health clinicians and specialists in Vancouver, BC providing specialist sexual health services, education, and research in British Columbia, Canada.


See the Sexuality & Sexual Function video presentation in Health & Wellness chapter of the Video Resource Room Knowledge Book

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