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3.12. Danny Furlong-Writer with Quadriplegia and Locked-IN Syndrome

I'm Danny Furlong, an Australian non-verbal quadriplegic with locked-in syndrome. I've been that way for thirty years, thirty relatively good years (except for those times early on when I couldn't envisage a real life anymore.)

    I'm confined to an electric wheelchair and I live alone in my own home in country Victoria. Government funded carers come in morning, noon, night and nighty-night to do the basics for me. Like Bill Burns SCI turned into a blessing for me, though not so successful. In my previous life I always hankered to writeb6w2al6too busy with my active life. Quadriplegia fixed that. I've now had a play performed in theatres and on national radio, and have enjoyed many years of writing. If I get off my bum and work a bit harder I'll have my trilogy of fantasy novels all published in the next year.

    For some time now I've been writing a blog that's mainly about living with quadriplegia and about the writing process, but by God I try to write it a lot more interesting and entertaining than it sounds - just like I do with life. Check it out. It's an unfolding story that makes more sense if you start with the first post from its archives.

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