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3.10. Chelsie Hill - wheelchair dancer

On February 21, 2010, Chelsie Hill was out with her friends drinking and having fun when she got in the car with a friend who was under the influence of alcohol. The vehicle crashed and left Chelsie as a T10 Paraplegic. Dance was her first passion but her second is getting the chance to spread the awareness on drunk and distracting driving. Chelsie travels all over, speaking to different middle schools, high schools, and organizations. Whats different about Chelsie is that she has learned to embrace herself and speaks with her friend who was driving that night. In doing so. she has inspired others with lessons she's learned about life. Chelsie and her father Jon Hill became the founders of the Walk and Roll Foundation. The organization strives to educate students about distracted driving through their Rally4Reality Program, Inspire those through their wheelchair dance team and also they are expanding to help raise money to grant people with exercise equipment who cant afford it.

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