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Northwest Regional Spinal Cord Injury System Forum video "On the Road Again: Driving after Spinal Cord Injury"  

Driving can give a person tremendous independence after SCI. More people with SCI can drive than you might think, but getting back behind the wheel can be a complicated process. In this video you will learn what it takes to return to driving, how to find vehicles that might work for you, and some options for potential funding. Melissa Patopea, OTR/L, talks about the University of Washington's Driving Rehabilitation Program, which evaluates individuals with disabilities for driving potential, determines what vehicle and which types of equipment best suit them, and provides instruction and practice in the use of adaptive driving equipment. Then we hear from several individuals with paraplegia and tetraplegia (quadriplegia) explain how they chose the vehicles they currently drive, discuss their equipment and modifications, and share videos showing them "on the road again." This SCI Forum took place on June 12, 2012 at the University of Washington Medical Center.

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