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7.4. Hands-Free Harmonica

This is your chance to take part in a project to develop a hands-free blues harmonica course designed specifically for people with a high level spinal cord injury.

The harmonica is perfect for people with quadriplegia because:

It is one of the few musical instruments that can be played hands-free using a harp-rack
You need little musical knowedge to get started (the holes are numbered)
You can play when and where you want (even lying down)
Blowing in-and-out of the harmonica can strengthen the diaphragm muscles which helps breathing
There is a supportive community of harmonica players who want to help

I have already developed the first version of a web-based, hands-free, beginner blues harmonica course that can be used right now.

But I need your help.

To make the hands-free harmonica course even better, I need people who have quadriplegia to try the course and tell me what they think of it. In this way the course could be improved to make it even better.

The goal is for the hands-free harmonica course to become a therapeutic and recreational activity for people who have sustained a high level spinal cord injury throughout the world.

You will get recognition depending upon the support you give.

If you have a high level spinal cord injury and want to take part in this project, email me at with "I want to take part in the harmonica project" in the subject heading.

I will then email you and discuss how we can create the harmonica course to best suit your needs.

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