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2.6. Missing Medals, Ribbons or Awards

Before you separate from active service, you should check your records and your collection of military awards, medals, ribbons, badges, and other distinguished insignia. If you believe that you are entitled to additional awards or decorations that you have not received, or that you are missing any decorations, certificates, etc., that you have been awarded, contact your unit personnel officer about obtaining new awards or decoration, or replacements. In the former case, ask your unit personnel officer for the service regulation that governs the eligibility requirements for the award or decoration.

You may also purchase lost ribbons and medals from your military exchange, however, you must have proof that you are entitled to them. Replacement medals and ribbons can be also obtained for a small fee from the NPRC. See www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/replacement-medals.html for more information.

Once you have separated from service, you may request the issuance or replacement of medals, decorations, and awards through your service department. You can use the SF 180 ("Request Pertaining to Military Records") to request medals and awards, as well as your service records. See www.vetrecs.archives.gov.

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