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4.4. TRICARE and Transitional Health Care

TRICARE is a DoD program that provides in-service and post-service health care to eligible military personnel and their family members. The Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP) offers transitional TRICARE coverage to certain separating active duty members and their families members. Health care is available for a limited time. TRICARE eligibility under TAMP is available up to 180 days. There are four categories of eligibility for TAMP:

Please note: Transitional health care does not apply to retirees.

After the 180-day period for transitional health care has expired, you and your family are no longer eligible to use military treatment facilities or TRICARE. However, you may purchase extended health care coverage, known as the Continued Health Care Benefit Program (CHCBP). You have 60 days after your initial transitional health care ends to enroll in CHCBP. If you enroll, you and your family members will be issued identification cards that will allow you to use military treatment www.tricare.osd.mil.

If, however, you separate voluntarily, you and your family are not eligible to use military treatment facilities or TRICARE. Nevertheless, you may purchase extended transitional health care coverage (CHCBP) for up to 18 months of coverage. You have 60 days after separation to enroll in CHCBP, and, if you do, your coverage will begin on the day after your separation.

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