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2.4. Separation Medical Disabilltiy Medical/Physical Evaluation Boards

If you are facing separation from active service on the basis of a medical disability, you will most likely be evaluated by a military medical evaluation board (MEB) or physical evaluation board (PEB). MEBs and PEBs are composed of military physicians or psychiatric professionals who will examine you directly or review your service medical records to determine whether you are able to return to duty or whether your disability precludes you from continued active service. In addition, if you are to be separated from active service on medical grounds, the MEB/PEB will issue a disability rating that will determine whether or not you may be entitled to DoD compensation benefits.

Once a decision has been reached, you will be given the opportunity to either accept the decision (by signing a written acceptance), or you may challenge the decision. You are also entitled to a hearing before the MEB/PEB if you challenge the decision. You are permitted to have a representative during the challenge process, including an attorney. If you are dissatisfied with the decision, you should elect to challenge it. You can contact United Spinal Association at (301) 495-4460 for information about obtaining a representative to assist you in challenging a MEB/PEB determination,

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