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3.18. Giesbert Nijhuis-Inventor With Tetraplegia

Giesbert Nijhuis (Netherlands) Inventor living with Tetraplegia

1. How to take photos without using hands
2. Bed computer
3. LaesieCushion
Giesbert was 26 years old when he broke his neck at the cervical level (C3/C4) in a bus accident. He can only move his head.
Giesbert was awarded in a new category - Serial Patient Innovation Award - due to the commitment devoted to diffuse his solutions
and empower more patients with the same or similar condition. This innovator created his own website where he shares his knowledge
and solutions to cope with his daily life problems, Laesieworks. Among several creations Giesbert developed, Patient Innovation
highlights three fantastic do-it-yourself solutions: a digital camera-based system, which enables him to take photos without hands,
a bed computer so Giesbert can work on his laptop while in bed and Laesiecushion, wheelchair cushions to prevent pressure wounds
for wheelchair users.

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