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3.2. Tetra Society of North America

Tetra Society of North America is a not-for-profit organization that provides volunteer engineers across Canada and the US to design and construct custom assistive devices for people with disabilities.

Tetra clients can be anyone. They can be infants or seniors or anyone in between. As well, levels of disability can vary greatly from client to client. No challenge given Tetra's volunteers is deemed too great or too small. The goal is always to reduce societal and environmental barriers and to create increased independence.

Tetra's assistive device projects tackle barriers to mobility, personal care and communications. They facilitate education, work and recreation. They provide increased access within households – kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms – and other environments, such as vehicles or places of business. In short, assistive devices created by Tetra focus on improving quality of life.

While Tetra operates 45 chapters throughout North America, the services and talents of our 300-plus expert volunteers are available to everyone. Information on past projects is shared system-wide; expertise is shared and requests for assistive device projects can even be filled remotely if someone lives in an area not served by a Tetra chapter. Since inception, Tetra has completed 5,000 projects.

To inquire about what our volunteers can do for you, simply contact your nearest Tetra chapter using the Find a Chapter feature. You may also contact our head office at any time.


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