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3.3. Teeth Wisdom, Oral Health for Older Adults

Teeth Wisdom 

Oral Health America (OHA) was founded in 1955 as a national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Their mission was to make oral health accessible to everyone living in the United States, through education initiatives and community outreach.

One of their flagship programs, Tooth Wisdom: Get Smart About Your Mouth, was designed to empower older adults with the resources they need to maximize their oral health. Workshops were led by experienced dental hygienists, in various community centers, including churches and libraries.

The Tooth Wisdom project, along with many others led by OHA, was indefinitely suspended.

We’ve now decided to take up the Tooth Wisdom project again, to continue in the OHA mission to help patients, caregivers, and dental professionals receive the information and resources they need to ensure high oral health levels in our communities.


We are committed to ensuring that patients, dental professionals, caregivers, parents, and guardians have access to reliable oral health information and quality and affordable care when they need it.


Oral Health America advocated for innovative oral health policies to increase access to affordable and quality care, including sealant programs in schools, CHIP and Medicaid enrolment, and community water fluoridation education. We are committed to continuing their mission, and preserve the resources and support they provided to individuals, caregivers, guardians, and dental professionals to ensure the best oral health for themselves, dependents, family members, and patients.

Legislative Priorities

Oral Health America established the following legislative priorities to guide its mission to increasing access to oral health care. In their stead, we support the same legislative priorities by recovering and maintaining the resources and information that OHA provided.

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