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5.1. NEVER QUIT: A story of perseverance and love

NEVER QUIT: A story of perseverance and love

Never Quit, by Robert Guliani, is a Long Island story of heartbreak and courage that all began back in 1973 when the sixteen year old Robert dove into a wave off Tobay Beach and emerged a quadriplegic. His struggle to graduate with his Syosset High School class, to attend Post University, to find gainful employment working for Met Life in the nascent days of computer programing, his eventual marriage and physical setbacks, are all highlighted in vivid prose and personal anecdotes in Mr. Guliani’s autobiography. For anyone struggling with physical ailments, personal problems, ordinary hardships, Mr. Guliani’s book is nothing but inspirational. The title succinctly captures his can-do attitude, his strength of mind and his unwavering courage in the face of enormous difficulties. Never Quit is a must read for anyone searching for the means to pick themselves up and dust themselves off when faced with the vicissitudes of life . Mr. Guliani’s love of life, zest for living, and quest for adventure, while boldly confronting his physical limitations, can only make us want to celebrate our every breath. Many times, the road we’re on is filled with detours and dead-ends. In the end, what defines us is what we make of it. Take a journey in Mr. Guliani’s shoes and like him never quit.

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