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1.3. Vehical Accessability Consultants (VAC)

Vehical Accessibility Consultants (VAC)  Is a new free resource available to assist mobility challenged individuals choose the right mobility equipment to help them maintain their freedom and independence.  “On The Road To Mobility”, an informational podcast produced by Vehicle Accessibility Consultants, explores the many options available to mobility challenged individuals to help them stay mobile.  

VAC is an independent consulting organization providing free help to mobility challenged individuals and their families and care providers.  They can help recommend the right mobility equipment to match the specific needs and abilities of a mobility challenged person for their vehicle or home.  

The host for On The Road To Mobility, Dave John, has over 25 years of experience in the mobility industry.  He has assisted thousand of people to maintain their freedom and independence through their mobility challenges.

The On The Road To Mobility series will post a new segment every 2 weeks covering a wide variety of mobility equipment topics.  Each segment also contains an interview with  inspirational and informative people connected to the mobility industry.


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