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3.1. Non-Medicaid Wheelchair Assistance programs

A few states also have programs for Medicaid-ineligible seniors that provide a variety of financial supports with the aim of keeping the individuals off of Medicaid. These programs vary quite a bit from state to state. But we’ve identified the following programs as having a broad enough charter or specific enough objective where their benefits can apply to individuals in need of home medical equipment and assistive technology. Click on the program names to learn more.

State Assistance Programs for Durable Medical Equipment
Alaska Senior Access Program

Hawaii Community Living Program

Iowa Able Foundation Loan Program

Kentucky Hart Supported Living Program

Nebraska Assistive Technology/Home Modifications Service
Nebraska Disabled Persons and Family Support

New Jersey Assistance for Community Caregiving

North Carolina Special Assistance In-Home (SA/IH) Program for Adults

Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF)
Pennsylvania Access Home Modification Program
Pennsylvania Options Program

Texas In-Home and Family Support

Utah's The Alternatives Program

Washington Tailored Support for Older Adults Program

Wisconsin Family Care and Family Care Partnership
Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Family and Caregiver Support Program or AFCSP

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