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Cerebral Palsy Resources General Resources for the CP community
Adaptive Vehicles An adaptive vehicle is a car or truck that has been adapted for use by a person with a disability. Automobiles, whether a car or a van, can be adapted for a range of physical disabilities and are successfully used by persons with a spinal cord injury or disease, stroke and amputations. Without an adaptive vehicle, these people would not be able to drive.
Adjusting To SCI/D Assistance in making the adjustment after sustaining a spinal cord inury or disease
Advocacy Learn how to direct one's own life with skills that can support or promote a particular cause, effect change and achieve best outcomes.
Assistive Technology & Products Assistive equipment of all types, assistive technology, and devices that enhance the activities of daily living for people with spinal cord injury or disorder.....
Useful Spinal Cord Injury Directories Disability & Spinal Cord Injury Directories include links to an assortment of helpful lists and directories.
Caregivers Information and resources for caregivers.
Disaster Relief & Emergency Preparedness These pages include disaster relief and assistance resources and information on topics ranging from emergency evacuation to finding grants that can help you rebuild your life after a disaster strikes.
Employment Information about employment rights, preparing your resume, interview tips, job banks to look for your next job, federal and state employment resources.
Federal/State Benefits Information about supplemental security income (SSI) social security disability insurance program (SSDI), Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Benefits and Victim Crime Compensation Boards.
Fire Safety for Wheelchair Users Important advice on fire prevention and safety for wheelchair users. The tips are a model that can be modified and adjusted to fit the varying types of homes and structures.
Health & Wellness after SCI Includes information specific to unique health care needs of the person living with SDI/D; discusses resources for persons living with disc disease and other back & spine conditions.
Helpful Groups in the Spinal Cord Injury and Disease World Organizations and resources that are helpful to the spinal cord injury and disease (SCI/D) community.
Home Modifications Information about paying for home modifications, accessible home design and how to become your own self-advocate requesting modifications.
Housing Information about housing laws, design and technical advice for people with disabilities, public housing and housing assistance.
Insurance Types and sources of insurance featuring but not limited to health insurance.
International Spinal Cord Injury Resources List of disability-related organizations/groups by geographical region.
New Spinal Cord Injury/Disease Onset Comprehensive new SCI/D information
Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury & Disease Pediatric SCI resources, facilities, publications and special concerns....
Physicians - Locating Specialists Provides helpful suggestions for talking with and resources for finding a doctor and/or dentist
Preventing Spinal Cord Injury Spinal cord injury prevention resources
Professional Organizations, Journals, and Education Resources for the health care professional in the field of Spinal Cord Injury or Disease rehabilitation and care
Rehabilitation, New Injury & Recovery Programs Information about finding the right rehabilitation facility for you, learn about the SCI Model System Centers, and rehab resources.
Research about SCI/D Spinal cord injury and disease research information
Rural Resources Check here for resources relating to spinal cord injuries or disorders in more rural settings.
Spanish Language Resources Spinal cord injury or SCI disorder-related resources in the Spanish language
Spinal Cord Diseases or Disorders Congenital or disease onset causes, symptoms, treatments and prognosis's effecting mobility or sensation
Spinal Cord Injury & Disorders Lexicon An A to Z listing of words and phrased commonly associated with spinal cord injury and disorders.
Sports, Recreation & Fitness Please find here an extensive and detailed compendium including information related to paralympic and non-paralympic adaptive sports for individuals who have sustained a SCI. The information provided is organized by state. Additional resources include adaptive sports and recreation available in U.S. universities, adaptive equipment, national organizations, pediatric sports, recreational, virtual, and exercise/fitness classes. A brief overview of the organization, the sports that are offered and the contact information including email, phone number and location is provided for each organization. The information contained within these materials are informed suggestions prepared by graduate Occupational Therapy students from Mary Baldwin University and Stony Brook University. These are not professional recommendations. You should not rely on the information within this document as a basis for treatment or replacement of professional recommendations. Any reliance that you place on any of these materials or information is strictly at your own risk.
State & Local Resources State resource pages include United Spinal Association Chapters, local SCI/D support groups. Model System and CARF-accredited rehab facilities, Centers for Independent Living, State programs and much more!
Success Stories - Living with SCI/D Most people progress greatly after their SCI happens. Here are some of their stories.
UsersFirst Mobility Map This knowledge book is designed to help you find answers to common questions about getting a wheelchair. Each chapter guides you step-by-step through the path of getting a wheelchair.
Video Resources The Spinal Cord Central Video Room is currently a “screening room” for videos of particular interest to our members and the SCI/D community. Many subject area videos accompany their respective subject area materials and are reached as 'related pages' from the Video Room. This resource is made possible in part thanks to a grant from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation.
Women's Issues Check here for a variety of spinal cord injury or disorder-related issues that are unique for women including pregnancy, breastfeeding, maternal health, menopause, health related issues of heart disease, osteoporosis and breast health.
Veterans Guide to VA Benefits A guide for veterans, their family members and those assisting them to successfully apply for benefits from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs ("VA").
Military Separation Guide for Active Duty Personnel It’s never too early to begin preparations for your separation from active military service. The Department of Defense (DoD) recommends that you start your planning at least 12 months prior to separation, and 24 months prior to retirement, from active duty. Start here!
Veterans Guide to VA Claim Filing Not a guide for the faint of heart or for those operating heavy machinery. This guide to veterans benefits provides the detailed knowledge requisite to advocate for VA compensation and pension benefits.
VA Commonly Used Forms The Knowledge Book contains the most commonly used forms for obtaining various types of veterans benefits or services.
Appealing A VA Claims Decision What to do if a claim is turned down by the VA.
VA Spinal Cord Injury System The VA runs a specialized nationwide system of care devoted to veterans with spinal cord injuries. Known simply as the "SCI Service", the VA operates this system using the policies and procedures found in VA Handbook 1176.1.

Veterans seeking service from the SCI Service can gain an understanding of the policies and procedures governing the SCI Service in this handbook. Additionally, if necessary, veterans and their advocates can gain useful insights about the SCI Service and the way they operate.
VA Spinal Cord Injury Centers State listings of VA SCI Centers
VA Prosthetics VA Prosthetics Handbooks provide local VA staff with guidance on how to run the prosthetics program. Within these handbooks, veterans and advocates can find useful information to understand local policies and procedures, as well as to challenge adverse decisions.

This series deals specifically with the provision of various prosthetics, orthotics and durable medical equipment through the Veteran Health Administration's Prosthetics and Sensory Aids Service ("Prosthetics") or PSAS.

Prosthetics provides devices to eligible veterans for use outside of VA medical centers or facilities.

Additional information can be found at the VA Prosthetics Website.
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