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6.3. International Vent Users Network

International Vent Users Network
Links ventilator users with each other and with health care professionals interested in mechanical ventilation and home care.Provides several valuable resources including:


Information about Ventilator-Assisted Living
IVUN's 16-page brochure is an introduction to mechanical/assisted ventilation: What is it? Who uses it? What types of ventilators? What types of interfaces? and more.

Home Ventilator Guide
This comprehensive INVU resource displays technical information about the world's home ventilators in charts that are easy to read and makes comparing home ventilators more convenient. It features bi-level positive airway pressure ventilators, volume-cycled ventilators, pressure support ventilators, and combination or multi-mode ventilators.

Resource Directory for Ventilator-Assisted Living
INVU directory for linking to experts in mechanical ventilation.

Ventilator Assisted Living  is bi-monthly newsletter (sent electronically).  It links ventilator users, their families and peers with each other and with health professionals committed to home mechanical ventilation. Articles include such topics as family adjustments, equipment and techniques, medical issues, travel and ethical issues.

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