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6.5. Ticket to Work Program

If you are interested in working, Ticket To Work is your entry point to program information, resources, and news about our employment support programs.  Social Security disability beneficiaries and others can find the information they need via the new portal or by calling the Ticket to Work Help Line at 1-866-968-7842 (V) /866-833-2967(TTY/TDD).  We provide many ways to connect with the Ticket to Work program!

Introduced on January 23, 2013 is Ticket Talk, a new podcast series.
Podcasts are a portable, convenient and efficient way to deliver Ticket to Work news and updates. It will allow you more options and more control over how and when you receive Ticket to Work information.  Download to your smartphone or tablet and take it on the go or stream it from your home computer. If you do not use a smartphone or tablet, you can read the podcast transcript – the choice is yours!  
Check out our first podcast!

For our opening podcast, we invited Bob Williams, Social Security's Associate Commissioner for the Office of Employment Support and Programs to introduce the series. Listen or read the transcript.

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