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5.6. DisABLED Person

We are a public charity organization since 2002 whose primary focus is disability employment. We want to help you, a person with a disability find employment. So come, post your resume and look for a job. Its free! Our goal is to get as many jobs for people with disabilities as possible. The services that we offer here at www.disABLEDperson.com are free. Free to our community members to post their respective resumes and attend our job fairs ( when we hold them). We have just upgraded the functionality of our job board just for you. You can now sign up to receive job alerts sent to your email address. Thats right! Once you register, you will have the option. You can choose up to 5 job categories and 5 locations and when jobs are posted into those categories at thoses locations, you will receive them in your email. Not only that but from that point on, when you come to disABLEDperson.com and log in, the jobs you choose in the locations you choose will show up on your home page. We are just trying to bring you the best experience that we can.

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