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7.7. Footprints in the Sky

Footprints in the Sky  

Working with a network of approximately 3000 charter services in the United States, Footprints in the Sky provides
transportation for ambulatory patients without consideration to their medical condition.

This is accomplished by using “donated” flights from these charter companies using empty seats in a corporate or
business aircraft that is traveling to the same geographic area as the patient.

Footprints in the Sky personnel can monitor the flights of these jets and then match the patient with the charter
service and aircraft. This is done on behalf of the patient and in consultation with the patient’s physician.

For patients that require more critical care than that afforded by traveling on a corporate jet, given that we are
also a flight operation center, we can provide access to air ambulance flights and services throughout the United States.

Air ambulances are typically aircraft that have been retrofitted with stretchers and medical equipment, including
medical personnel such as EMTs and critical care nurses for example.

Cost for these services are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Medical escorts can be provided to individuals that do not require transportation but need medical assistance
enroute to their treatment destination. This is most important when a patient may need medical procedures such as
injections or oxygen during or to their destination.

Once a flight has reached its destination, regardless whether this is a donated or commercial flight, we can
arrange for ground transportation from the airport to the treatment center. The type of ground transportation is
determined by the needs of the patient which means that it can either be an ambulance, shuttle or taxi for example.

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