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3.22. Sleep

Sleep Problems and Sleep Apnea in Persons with SCI- A written report provided by Northwest Regional SCI System is also available in an 80 minute streaming video (see related pages below).  Many people with spinal cord injuries have trouble getting a good night's sleep. Pain, breathing difficulties, and the need for care periodically through the night often disrupt sleep. Poor sleep quality can negatively affect daily life in numerous ways, including having trouble concentrating and becoming depressed. Sleep apnea is common in people with SCI and can have serious health consequences. This presentation reviews the causes and consequences of sleep problems, including a detailed discussion of sleep apnea, and explains treatments that can improve your health and well-being. In addition, an individual with SCI talks about his personal experience with sleep apnea and its treatment. At the end, Dr. Burns takes questions from the audience.

Sleep Apnea
An article provided by Craig Hospital that describes the problem of sleep apnea including types, risk factors, diagnosis and treatment for individuals with SCI. Revised 1/15.  

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