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3.1. SCI Health Education MultiMedia Series

Secondary Conditions of SCI Health Education Video Series

This series was produced by the University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. This 11-part video series is intended to be equally useful for persons with spinal cord impairments at home or by health and rehabilitation centers for education and training activities. 
  • Bone Health: A 19 minute video that discusses Heterotopic Ossification and Osteoporosis, including diagnosis, prevention and treatment options.Cardiovascular Health:  A 38 minute video that examines the signs, symptoms and general treatment options of conditions such as Autonomic Dysreflexia, Hypotension, and Deep Vein Thrombosis.
  • Respiratory Management:  An 18 minute video that covers signs, symptoms and general treatment options of conditions such as Atelectasis, Influenza, pneumonia, Pulmonary embolisms, Sleep apnea and Ventilator use.
  • Spastic Hypertonia:  This 27 minute video defines Spastic Hypertonia (spasticity), explains the advantages and disadvantages of spasticity, and discusses  treatment options.
  • Pain Management: A 35 minute video that stresses the importance on quality of life. Reviews pain subtypes (Neuropathic, Musculoskeletal and Visceral) and offers general medical and psychosocial management techniques.
  • Bladder Management:  A 33 minute video that outlines the importance of bladder management on quality of life. The types of bladder management programs and techniques are illustrated. Prevention and treatment of UTI risks for stone formation are also discussed.  Also includes demonstration videos for application of male/female foley catheter, male condom catheter, and male/female intermittent catheterization.
  • Pressure Sores Part 1: Skin Care & Prevention- A 41 minute video that describes skin functions & risk factors for pressure sores, and prevention through proper seating, weight shifts, and nutrition. The impact of a pressure sore on quality of life is explored.
  • Pressure Sores Part 2: Treatment- A 10 minute video that utilizes an anatomical model to demonstrate techniques for general care and treatment options for all four stages of pressure ulcers, unstageable pressure ulcers and tunneling wounds.
  • Bowel Management: This 25 minute video stresses management, predicting bowel movements, avoiding bowel accidents, bowel care procedures, and anatomical model demonstrations.
  • Sexuality & Sexual Function: The first part of this 59 minute video explores psychological aspects of sexuality such as expressing sexuality, sexual adjustment, managing personal care issues, confronting issues with body image issues, and working through relationship issues. The second part explores physical aspects of sex following SCI for both men and women. This includes arousal, sexual function and dysfunction, sexual activities, and fertility. 
  • Life with SCI: A Group Discussion-Adjustment to life with SCI is best understood by those who experience it. This 51 minute video is an open discussion of 5 individuals with SCI and their experiences on short- and long-term adjustment-related issues such as healthy grief, education, Impact on relationships, children, depression, and substance abuse. 
  • Understanding Spinal Cord Impairments and Functional Goals: A 26 minute video that offers a basic understanding of the normal function of the spinal cord and the impact of impairment at different types and levels of injury. Functional goals are addressed for levels of impairment.
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