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5.9. Wheelchair Traveling

Wheelchair Traveling was created in 2006 and works to empower people with limited mobility, their friends, and loved ones to access and experience the world of adventure and leisure travel. Contact us.

wheelchairtraveling.com is the first-ever online community for accessible travel in the world. From the start, I knew that I could not review every country let alone every hotel, attraction and park; plus, we all have different access needs and interests. There is SO much to do and see in this world and though anything is possible, accessible travel information is needed.

Here you will find thousands of resources, reviews, guides, and tips from over 100 writers worldwide about accessible travel. I want you to be able to plan a trip the way you like: on your own, with a full-service tour company or specialized travel agent. You know your budget, what you want and what you are willing to do.

ANY money generated from the website goes back into the site–not to pay for travel costs. I work nearly 24/7 in order to bring the world this platform, including but not limited to writing, editing, video-making, technical support, website manager, customer service, sales, IT support, and all the many facets of marketing. See a problem or have a comment? Email me.

At 14-years-old, I was paralyzed in a car accident that completely alter my life-plans. I have experienced the worst accessibility and unresponsive/uneducated people about access, but it has not stopped me. In fact, it has made me stronger. I am a life-long access advocate doing all I can with the time I have to improve our world now and for tomorrow. AshleyLynOlson_wheelchairtraveling

My dream is to see a person with access needs every single day, whether it is at a local grocery store or abroad, taking care of business and living life. We are a part of this world–access matters!

Only Love,
Ashley Lyn Olson

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